Wearable Robots for Completely Disabled Individuals with Paraplegia

Wear and Walk

A robot that release people from wheelchairs.

This is South Korea’s leading wearable robot for completely paralyzed individuals, which ranked 3rd in the International Cyborg Olympics (Cybathlon) in the wearable robot category. With its hybrid movement, the capabilities of the robot extend beyond maximum movement range and joint rotation, including, but not limited to, walking on flat ground, climbing stairs and inclines, and crossing over on stepping-stones.

WALKON Function

Powerful Movement

Maximum Force 250 Nm / Maximum Rotation Speed 45 RPM / Maximum Movement Assistance among similar products

Weight of the Robot

30kg (including the large battery) / Similar with Rewalk products of the United States

Improved Safety Measures

Improved safety by operating joints with a number of small motors / Designed to meet ISO13482 standards

Battery Life

Up to 5 hours of use with a full charge / Battery level indicator

High Energy Efficiency

High energy efficiency modeled after the physiology of human leg

Replicating Human Motion

Walking on flat ground / Sitting and standing / Walking up and down stairs / Climbing up and down inclines

Designed Individually for Each User

Design based on KAFO (Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis)

Joint Control Based on Medical Data

Replicating the human walking motion in consideration with the individual’s range of movements and rotation speed of joints