2018년 12월 10일

[Robot Newspapers]

2018.12.10 Robot newspaper named ‘2018 Korea Robot Company of the year’ Link    
2018년 10월 18일

[The Hankook-Ilbo]

2018.10.18 “Wearable Robot for children with disabilites, lightweight and refined Link    
2018년 10월 18일

[The Hankook-Ilbo]

2018.10.18 the eleven years old girl ‘s wearing a robot’s , Instead of a wheelchair,  “I like the feeling of walking” Link    
2018년 10월 13일

[Chomdan News]

2018.10.13 [2018 RoboWorld] SG Robotics unveils ‘Angelegs’, a patient wearable robot Link    
2018년 10월 12일

[Chomdan News]

2018.10.12 [2018 RoboWorld] Do you know where medical robots are? Link    
2018년 10월 12일

[ZDNet Korea]

2018.10.12 Cooperative Robot – Wearable Robot Concerted Robo World in 2018 Link    
2018년 10월 11일


2018.10.11 For people like you, for people, for people… Iron man ‘wears’ advanced robot Link    
2018년 8월 31일

[Yonhap News]

2018.08.31 LG Cho Seong-jin, who made the keynote speech with robot at the IFA, said “Seeking a Better Life with AI”. Link      
2018년 6월 18일

[Electronic Times]

2018.06.18 ‘Leading in wearable robot technology’  CEO Kong Kyungchul of SG Robotics. Link      
2018년 6월 5일

[Insight Korea]

2018.06.05 Kong Kyungchul, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Sogang University, makes Iron Man. Link      
2018년 5월 10일


2018.05.10 Rising Start-up SG Robotics. Link      
2018년 4월 20일


2018.04.20 Step by Step, Robotics Team Overcomes Design Challenges of Walk-Assist Exoskeletons. Link