About Us

The National Academy Engineering of Korea labeled ANGEL ROBOTICS’ “wearable system design and control technology” and President Kyeongcheol Kong, as one of 100 technologies and leaders important for the growth of Korean industries by 2025. It is a technology to keep an eye on as the world changes to an elderly society, and Kong has been evaluated as a key leader in this technology worldwide.


A New Robotics Company that Fulfills Genuine Scientific Worth

ANGEL ROBOTICS is a start-up company that develops wearable robots to aid disabled individuals with paraplegia and senior citizens who have difficulty living a normal life.
ANGEL ROBOTICS, established by a group of engineers from the Robotics Control Researach Facility of Sogang University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, has signed a technical cooperation memorandum of understanding to ensure its competitiveness. ANGEL ROBOTICS is getting attention in the world market with its distinguished technology and talent.
In October 2016, Byeongwuk Kim placed 3rdinthe1stCybathlon,theworld’s first biomechanics Olympic games for support robots hosted in Switzerland, by wearing a WALKON SUIT by ANGEL ROBOTICS.
ANGEL ROBOTICS is growing fast. However, we strive for honest growth rather than quick growth. Technology and products for people is the right direction for ANGEL ROBOTICS.


“Robots are no longer a novel technology but instead, a necessity; We want to help create a pleasant world for everyone”

ANGEL ROBOTICS applies robotics to research technology that can strengthen a human’s physical ability. We want to contribute to society by creating a better world for everyone through robots.
We are creating wearable robots that aid and rehabilitate people who cannot walk by themselves. Furthermore, we are developing robots that can protect and systematically manage people in dangerous work settings and daily life.
Unlike other robotics companies, ANGEL ROBOTICS develops and produces robots with their users in mind. It is because robots are no longer a novel technology but instead, a necessity.



Nov. 2018 Selected as a military service company(Industry)
Nov. 2018 Alternative Military Service Designated Enterprise
Nov. 2018 Registration of handicapped assisting devices businesses
Sept. 2018 Change company name to ANGEL ROBOTICS
Aug. 2018 FINEVALUE ASSET MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd. Investment
Jul. 2018 POSTECH Holdings Co., Ltd. Investment
Apr. 2018 Authorized as Venture Company
Mar. 2018 Signed a of the technical cooperation MOU with National Instruments Korea
Nov. 2017 Regist manufacturer
Sep. 2017 Initiate Corporate R&D Center
Aug. 2017 First selected as global start-up support program of Dassault systems in Korea
Jun. 2017 Signed an agreement on robotics support for the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games
May. 2017 Labeled as the top start-up robot company by International Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) ( in the healthcare sector)
May. 2017 Signed a memorandum of understanding with the Rehabilitation Medicine Research Facility of Yonsei University’s College of Medicine
Mar. 2017 Signed a memorandum of understanding with LG Electronics Co.
Feb. 2017 Finalist for UAE AI & Robotics for Good in the International Division
Feb. 2017 Established SG ROBOTICS Co.
Oct. 2016 3rd in the International Cyborg Olympics (Cybathlon) in the wearable robots division
Sep. 2014 Established SG MECHATRONICS Co.