Wearable Robots for Senior Citizens and Partially Disabled Individuals with Paraplegia

Real My Walking

A wearable robot for assisting daily lives.


Nonresistant Actuator

Detailed power control, only available in ANGEL ROBOTICS’ nonresistant actuator, minimizes any discomfort without restricting the wearer’s movements.

Light Weight

12 kg (including the battery) / Minimization of weight with modulation and optimal design / The lightest robot with all of the necessary features

Why Additional Sensors are Unnecessary

No need for additional sensors / Possible to use immediately even for first-timers

Battery Life

Up to 5 hours of use with a full charge / Replaceable battery

Smart Shoes

Sensors on the smart shoes measure movement data and monitor real-time walking

Comfortable Fit

12 free joints / Adjustable to the body